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Feasting on the Holy Name - Many spiritualists fast. Especially Vaishnavas on Ekadasi day... but Ekadasi is meant for feasting. So how is it that someone can be simultaneously fasting and feasting at the same time?
God has no shortage of sons (and daughters) - Some people say that God has only one son. But God is unlimited. So why can't God have more than one son? And why not daughters? Are we misunderstanding something here?
Vrindavan Feeling in Toronto - Sometimes, you're so near to a spiritually perfect person or in a sacred place of pilgrimage, but your consciousness is far from spiritual, and sometimes you could be far from a spiritual preceptor or a place of pilgrimage, but feel blessed with spiritual grace... w Howhy is that? How can we be in perfect spiritual consciousness always? How can we experience Krishna at every moment?
A gift of warm socks, from one beggar to another - Once, on the street, an old lady gifted me with warm socks. I am not a beggar, and but yet a beggar. Why was I begging? I don't need anything from anyone. Or do I?
Killer Earthquakes – why do they happen? - Why do earthquakes occur? Yes, the scientists explain about sesimic faults, tectonic shifts, and so on, but why an earthquake at a particular place at a particular time that affects only a particular set of people? Have we forgotten the most fundamental law of nature?
Always Be Prepared – to Die - Everyone will face death, it's just a question of death, whether it comes in the next 80 seconds, or not for another 80 years. Our attitude to death brings all sorts of choices... and we all know that the decisions we make today constrain our choices tomorrow. So how to live with a perfect balance between the long-term view and the short-term view?
(dis) United Nations - In 1945 when the United Nations was setup, there were 74 countries. Now there are 194. Since 1945, more than 285 wars have been fought. So clearly the nations are disunited! Did you know why we can never achieve unity through negotiations and resolutions?
The weapon guaranteed to backfire - If you had a weapon that was guranteed to backfire each time you use it, would you ever employ it? But we routinely do! What is this weapon that is guaranteed to hurt the owner?
Celebrate Humility, not Pride - Pride is celebrated these days. Be proud of this or that, we are told. But what is the price of pride? And why is humility better? How to be humble? What is the big deal about humility? Why not celebrate humility for a change?
Ascending vs. Descending Process of knowledge - What is knowledge? What is ignorance? How do we acquire knowledge? Which method actually works? Finding out things the ascending way, or hearing from an authority? How to acquire perfect knowledge beyond all doubt?
The Ultimate Synthesis of Advaita & Dvaita – achintya bheda abheda - There are a lot of different philosophies in the world. Some are just absurd, but some are partial truths. Instead of fighting over philosophies, one should try to understand the ultimate synthesis of philosophies - if you haven't heard of it before, it's called "Simultaneous Inconcievable Oneness and Difference" - the philosophy of Lord Chaitanya.
Democracy means a society ruled by Hogs, Dogs, Camels, and Asses - Democracy is much praised, but what does it really produce? A government where the leaders are no better than hogs, dogs, animals and asses, just like the people who elect them. Don't believe me? Read on!
Slaughtered in moments on the 401 - Death can come at any moment. We experience death regularly, whether of a fish that just got caught, or a person who died in a car accident, or someone who had a heart attack. Animals, birds, fish and insects can't do anything about their death. But as humans, how can we prepare for death? How can we transcend it altogether?
The Profession of Confession and Atonement - In many religious traditions, there is the concept of confessing and atoning for sins. But why do people keep sinning and keep confessing, keep atoning? What is the use of such confession and atonement? What can be done to completely get out of this nasty habit of committing sinful activities?
A bridge to the Moon - With all this talk of going to Mars and the Moon, did you ever pause to think that this has been tried before? There is a way to go to other planets but is this it? But anyways, why go here and there when it is all necessarily temporary?
Dear Pope Francis, how many apologies to go? - Recently, Pope Francis apologized for the abuse and killing of Inuit children in residential schools in Canada. But is an apology enough? Does the faith he profess even understand what "spirit soul" means? I challenge all Christians to read and understand the Bhagavad Gita, so they can actually be Christians one day.
Moving homes – painful business - Have you ever moved? Moved a home? Moved a job? Moved to another city? Moved to another country? Moving is painful, is it not? What about the ultimate move we will be forced to make at the end of our lives? That moment when our soul is ripped from all its current attachments? How to deal with that?
Hands Help, Hands Hurt Surrender yourself, with your intelligence - In spiritual life, we often hear the term "surrender", and surrender we should. But dear reader, never surrender your intelligence!
Bodily Consciousness, Miss America, and Suicide - Recently, an accomplished young lady committed suicide. What is the root cause of it? What is the consequence of it? What can we do to stop this?
Muslim Brahmin in Hyderabad - Can a Muslim be a Brahmin? Can a Vaishnava be as good as a Mullah or Rabbi or Christian priest? Here are some great insights from a Maulvi in Hyderabad!
The myth of the increasing human lifespan - They say, that due to advances in science and medicine, the average human lifespan is steadily increasing. But is this really true? Could it be that the advances in science and medicine are actually decreasing our life expectancy?
Be careful what you think around saintly persons! - When we visit the great saints, and when we pray to them, are our prayers heard? Is there any reciprocation? How do we know it was not our imagination?
Human Animal Farm - George Orwell's Animal Farm describes a horrifying story of how "equals" exploit other equals... There are so many different social systems being tried out, communism, capitalism, socialism, and so on, but practically all of them are animalistic. Is there an ideal social system?
Why don’t I remember my past lives? And were all the species created in a moment? - If I had a past life, then why don't I remember it? And how were the species created?
The origin of western religion - What is it with those who claim to have the one and only true eternal religion? And why do they spew hatred? Would you like to understand the origin of the western religious traditions?
Descartes did not understand Consciousness - Many believe that animals and other species in other bodies outside of humans are not souls, that they are mere automations. The misunderstanding can be traced back at least to Descartes' "cogito ergo sum", where he sadly misunderstood something very important...
Heat Wave in Canada(!!) - Canada is known for the cold, but there was a heat wave that killed hundreds! Why do these types of things happen? Is there any way out?
The “science”(dogma) of conjecture - Evolution is a fact. But not the way it is commonly understood... How to understand evolution scientifically?
Sun Engineering - The sun is our primary source of energy, uses fusion reactions, which are ordinarily understood to be very difficult to control. is it reasonable to assume that the sun remains in equilibrium without engineering and control?
Jiva Soul – A poem from 1874 - Back in in 1874, Bhaktivinode Thakura wrote this sublime poem that gives us the formula for Supreme Spiritual Success! Jiva Soul, from Saragrahi Vaishnava
Mind is like a child, Intelligence is like the mother - How does a mother take care of the child? Your intelligence should take care of your mind the same way. Read to find out more!
What “the great” took with him - Alexander "the great" took nothing of his conquests with him, or did he!
How to stop death - How to stop death? Most people don't understand that death can actually be stopped. Would you like to understand how?
Poor St. Patrick - St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, he brought Christianity to Ireland. Why then is he associated with excessive alcohol consumption? Poor St. Patrick.
The sack of rice - There is enough for every creature's need, but there isn enough even for one man's greed.
Whose Consciousness have you eaten? - What is the most intimate act? Do you know how consciousness can get transferred just from the food you eat? Did you know you are literally eating someone's consciousness?
A cut from above - Have you ever experienced a cut from above ever? Did you recognize it? I was fortunate to experience this...
Pursuing the Highest Instruction of your Scripture - Every scripture has higher and lower instruction. Pursue the highest instruction always. The lower instructions are for animal-like humans... we should strive to go deeper, higher.
So you want to serve the needy? - Would you like to help others? How do you know you are actually helping them and not prolonging their misery? How do you know you are not getting entangled in an endless web of actions and reactions?
The Form of God - God has a form. There are specific descriptions of His form. Meditation of His Lotus Feet, for example, dispels all the thick gloom of the heart.
Overcoming Dr. Frog Mentality - Why does anyone try to measure God against themselves?
A cat and a Dog, all manifested by Krishna Love He who made all that - Why do we love someone? Why do we love dogs, cats, and things? What is it about them that we love them or lust for them or are attached to them?
Eating a Mango in hiding - The great saint Ramanuja once gave his disciples a mango each and ordered them to eat hidden from view... one disciple couldn't find a place to hide! What about you? Do you think you can hide?
The wife of the saint didn’t believe him - Great saints invite us to go back home with them. Even today. Will we heed that call?
Devout Atheists - Does the phrase "Devout Atheist" sound strange to you? Do you know it takes a lot more faith and dogma to believe in atheism? Why do spiritualists bother with atheists?
Living with Science and Scripture – development of the fetus - The Bhagavatam says that the foetus, in development, is very distressed. Does science offer any evidence of this? In general, how to reconcile science and spirituality?
Spiritualists, speak up and be heard - When going about your spiritual practices, hearing and chanting about God, don't do it quietly, do it loudly. Why? Can spiritual sound vibration benefit others?
Watch out for the little guys - Do you watch out for the little guys when you are out and about? Yes, the ants,the snails, and others with smaller bodies than you?
Christians, please don’t blaspheme God The Father - Why should we blaspheme other religious traditions? Why can't we learn from them? Why can we not increase each other's knowledge and faith instead?
“Old” New Discoveries - Do you think the Vedic Scriptures are Mythology? Do you think that modern scientists know better? Did you know that scientists are simply re-discovering whatever was already explained in the Vedic Scriptures?
Tongue, Belly, Genital Consciousness - How are you living your life? Would you like to relish genuine human life? Or stay on the animal platform?
Slavery by Subscription - Do you know that most of us subscribe to slavery? We actively seek it and choose to remain enslaved. How can you be free?
Penn State or State Pen? - Governments fund Universities and the same Governments fund prisons too. Where would you rather be? For 4 years or 80? For this lifetime or eternity?
People must care for people - Spiritual organizations are great. But personal care to a soul can only be given by another soul. Individuals must take care of individuals, regardless of any organizational systems in place...
Praying to see everyone else ahead - Can you find someone who is better than you? What about someone who is worse than you? Which is easier?
Choppy Ocean Surrender: ain’t no bad word - Surrender- gets a bad rap. Why do the spiritualists talk so much about Surrender?
A toddler's feet "Momentum" is made up of many Moments - Feeling discourged? Are you struggling to build momentum in spiritual life? Are you failing to recognize the progress you have made? You have made progress! Just look back on yourself!
Sexy Shackles - What is it that keeps us bound up in the material world? What are the shackles that bind us? Could it be the things that drives the world? Sex?
Fire and Water The religion of fire, the religion of water, and the religion of the soul - What is your religion? What is the religion of fire? What is the religion of water?
Desert Mirage How to be unhappy - What is the best way to be unhappy? It is the fastest, and the most effective way. And what's more, we're past masters at this game of unhappiness.
Recovering from the arrogance of modern civilization - We are an arrogant bunch, no doubt. But we have been brought to our knees by this insignificant little virus. While we're on our knees, here's something useful we can do...
Despite COVID-19 you go on forever - The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is serious. But rest assured you are immortal.
A toddler's feet Imperfection is no excuse - There are many travails on the spiritual journey, tests of faith, challenges, mainly our own imperfection, but imperfection is no excuse...
dice The Lure of the Gamble - The lure of the gamble is strong. But ordinary gambling destroys consciousness. There is, however, one type of gamble that brings unlimited rewards...
The Ever-Increasing Fakeness of Money - What is money? Is it even real or just an illusion? What can bring us real satisfaction?
Dealing with fools - As spiritualists, we often encounter fools. It is not necessary, however, to be a spiritualist to encounter fools. Whether you’re a doctor, or a policeman, a teacher, or a nurse, a lawyer, an engineer, a manger, or a businesswoman, an actress, or a playwright, a mathematician, or a musician… no matter which field you are … Continue reading "Dealing with fools"
Serving those who serve the Supreme - Serving the servant of God is even more powerful than serving God directly...
The grain of rice, who gave up his life - What did you eat this morning? Was it a brother? A mother? A father? Every living entity is intimately related to us. We owe it to them to make their life worthwhile, even if they were just a grain of rice...
Intoxication – do it right - Do you or any one you know do intoxication? Learn to do it right!
Bhagavad Gita As It Is Escape Manual - In one of my first posts, we explored souls in the material realm . Somehow or other, we are here. In this realm, every action causes reactions, some direct, some indirect. And most actions have consequences, even if the action was “unavoidable”. The consequences of action and reaction is so mind-boggling complex that the best … Continue reading "Escape Manual"
A Lily for Krishna - One Summer’s day earlier this year, I was exhausted. Having worked hard to serve Krishna and His dear ones in the Vaishnava Sanga Festival, in the kitchen, but not being expert in that kind of service, I was exhausted. I set out to be alone, walk around, “do nothing”. My elderly father, visiting us from … Continue reading "A Lily for Krishna"
So, you want to see God? - Do you want to see God? Who doesn't! Do you know you already have? But you want to see Him up close and personal? Read on!
Love of God – the ultimate variety - Some Fear God though God Loves Everyone... But what about our Love for God? Infinite Variety! Read on...
Big Bang Theory – A Fairytale - OK, so here's the theory... once upon a time, no wait, there was no time even, no space, nothing, but then... just all of a sudden, out of nothing, came a MASSIVE EXPLOSION, and Lo Behold, the Universe as we know it, came out of that explosion. End fairy tale...
Allah is not your God? Krishna is not your God? - Are you a follower of Allah? Are you a follower of Krishna? Are you a follower of Rama? Are you a follower of Jehovah? Did you answer no to any of these questions but yes to at least one of these questions? Then read on!
Regulate to be Free - Want to be free? Do whatever you want? Can a regulated life lead to freedom? Can we regulate to be free?
Significance of the Feeling of Insignificance - Souls in the material world feel important, very important, or most important. It is a root cause of all strife in the world. What about the feeling of insignificance, or humility? Is that significant?
Love, not Fear - Why "Fear of God"? Why not "Love of God"? Why fear when you can love instead? How can we transform fear to love?
Consciousness, Higher or Lower - The quality of our consciousness can be chosen, either actively or passively. Where do you want to take your consciousness today?
There is life everywhere in the Universe (and beyond) - Can life exist in other environments? Does life exist only on this planet and exactly as we know it? Could there be life on other planets? Are there of bodies that survive in harsh (to us humans) environments?
How many corpses have you carried?How many more do you have? - If you are reading this, you are a spirit soul. As a spirit soul, you are alive and conscious, and actually eternal, knowledgeable, and blissful. But chances are that the body you currently inhabit is not eternal, is a network prone to ignorance, and often far from blissful So there you are, dear spirit soul, … Continue reading "How many corpses have you carried?How many more do you have?"
How old is the Universe? When will it all end? - How old is the Universe? When will the Universe end? What transitions take place? Do we have a way beyond speculation?
Truly Great Leaders - Everyone recognizes that we need great leaders. Some aspire to be great leaders, others aspire to follow great leaders. Some quarrel about who a great leader was or not, others are leaders without followers, and many are leaders with followers or without direction. Many leaders are also misguided, having led their followers to terrible destinations. … Continue reading "Truly Great Leaders"
Did you win last night? Did you lose? - You know, that big game everyone is talking about. Did you win? Did you lose? As I write this, all of Canada is gripped with an intense fervour wishing, hoping, even praying for a win by the Toronto Raptors Basketball team. This is the first time the team has even made it to the finals, … Continue reading "Did you win last night? Did you lose?"
I am Flower Bearing Spring - Do you have trouble seeing God? It’s a famous frequently asked question, and being the recovering atheist I am, I’ve been asked the question many times, can you show me God? A great saint, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, wrote this article to answer just that question… http://www.backtogodhead.in/how-to-see-god-by-his-divine-grace-a-c-bhaktivedanta-swami-prabhupada/ In the Song of God, The Bhagavad … Continue reading "I am Flower Bearing Spring"
The gimme’ gimme’ gimme’ religions of the world - Give me a Cadillac A brand new Cadillac Replete with Michelin Tires Give my son a Harvard Education Give my wife a new silk saree Give me a house by the sea Om Jaya Jagadeesha Hare His Grace Sriman Sankarshan Das Adhikari My spiritual master quoted above, does not despise Hindus or any group of … Continue reading "The gimme’ gimme’ gimme’ religions of the world"
Idol Worship? Or Deity Worship? - Often, I have come across a denigration of the Vedic Culture of Worship of God as “idol worship”. “Idolatry is a sin, you are going to hell”, I have heard very often. And because the education system I was schooled in was western in its origin, there were many subtle and not-so-subtle references to this … Continue reading "Idol Worship? Or Deity Worship?"
Eating Meat is not for Spiritualists - Many aspiring spiritualists, while trying to pursue a spiritual path, also consume meat, yes, from slaughtered creatures. यातयामं गतरसं पूति पर्युषितं च यत् ।उच्छिष्टमपि चामेध्यं भोजनं तामसप्रियम् ॥ १० ॥ yāta-yāmaṁ gata-rasaṁpūti paryuṣitaṁ ca yatucchiṣṭam api cāmedhyaṁbhojanaṁ tāmasa-priyam Food prepared more than three hours before being eaten, food that is tasteless, decomposed and putrid, and … Continue reading "Eating Meat is not for Spiritualists"
No eternal damnation - In many of the world’s religious traditions, there is the concept of eternal damnation… you know, do this, follow that, believe this, till the end of your life, or else, ETERNAL DAMNATION IN HELL FOR YOU! That sort of fear mongering worked for some time… like with all things that are born in fear, they … Continue reading "No eternal damnation"
Atheism is a religion, the religion of the mind - There is an ant in a kitchen in my apartment, and he may want to map the city I live in. Poor little ant! I like him, I gave him a grain of sugar to eat too. He might not live long enough to map out the cupboard he is moving around in, much less … Continue reading "Atheism is a religion, the religion of the mind"
Love or Lust, take your pick - Love, Love, Love! Who doesn’t want to love and who doesn’t want to be loved! Much desired, much discussed, fantasized about, hankered for, in songs, literature, poetry, even science. Here is what a great saint says about Love: ātmendriya-prīti-vāñchā — tāre bali ‘kāma’kṛṣṇendriya-prīti-icchā dhare ‘prema’ nāma The desire to gratify one’s own senses is kāma … Continue reading "Love or Lust, take your pick"
The mind is not the brain. You are not your mind. You are not your body. - The mind is a fascinating entity. Human society strives to define what is the mind, to understand it, to make sense of what is this thing. The subject matter of “mind” is very deep and complex, no doubt, but there is one thing we need to understand… The mind is not the brain. Modern science … Continue reading "The mind is not the brain. You are not your mind. You are not your body."
“I don’t have no time to meditate man” - Meditation? Don't have the time? But do you realize you're meditating all the time? What are you meditating on?
Beauty is not accidental or incidental. Beauty is Intentional. - The other day, in trying to help a friend, I met with Yolande Edwards, who definitely has an eye for spotting natural beauty. On the walls of her office were beautiful pictures she captured. Those pictures can transport one to natural serenity, even in the midst of the most chaos. Looking at the pictures (all … Continue reading "Beauty is not accidental or incidental. Beauty is Intentional."
Time – Insurmountable time - In School, we studied this poem. It struck me then, and it strikes me now, and has ended up being among my all-time favourites… I met a traveller from an antique landWho said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stoneStand in the desert… near them, on the sand,Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,And … Continue reading "Time – Insurmountable time"
Krishna Opens His Mouth to reveal Universal Form What or Who is God? - What is this concept of God? Is God an impersonal force? Is God a person? Reminds me of  Shakespeare’s “to be or not to be”. We know there are many myths about God. My spiritual master writes… Just as a goldless gold mine cannot produce gold, an impersonal existential mine cannot produce persons. Therefore since … Continue reading "What or Who is God?"
Free Will, Love Me or Leave Me Free Will, Love Me or Leave Me - Say you love me, tell me you love me, or I’ll blow your brains out This is not love, these are words of a psychopath who is obsessed about someone and is distressed that the obsession is not mutual (example heard from my spiritual master Sankarshan Das Adhikari) God is not a psychopath. In fact, … Continue reading "Free Will, Love Me or Leave Me"
God – Some Common Myths and Misconceptions - There are many misconceptions about God, many myths too! Looking into some of these...
Randomness is a Myth - Randomness is a myth. Randomness does not exist. But we can learn to free ourselves from the complexities of what appears to be random
Which religion do you belong to? - We are not these bodies. To think we are these bodies, or to treat someone else as if they are a body is idiotic.
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