Spiritual Forms

Premal Shah, Sep 12 2011

Hare Krishna Prabhu

All glories to Swami Prabhupada

Please accept my humble obeisances

In the spiritual world are there spiritual bodies in all forms like mountains, rivers, lakes, ponds, streams etc.?

Your servant

Premal prabhuji


Mahabhagavat Das SDA, Sep 12 2011

Hare Krishna Premal Prabhu,

Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

All glories to Srila Gurudeva.

Yes, this is correct. In the spiritual world there is no inert matter. Every “thing” is an individual conscious living entity. The living entities are in the “swaroop” or original form, and take those forms to serve Krishna’s pastimes.

I heard a lecture by Srila Gurudeva, that there is full freedom to do what the devotee desires to serve Krishna… so it is not like someone is locked down, so the question arises, why everyone doesn’t want to be a Gopi? 🙂

For a pure devotee, it is all about Krishna’s pleasure… so some devotee *wants* to remain a cow, some devotee (notably, Lord Brahma and Sri Uddhava pray like this) prays to remain a blade of grass, yet others are streams, lakes, stones, rocks, hills, trees, birds, monkeys… and each one gives Krishna particular “rasa”, taste, flavour that only that particular living entity can give…

So at the moment, every living entity who is in material consciousness, Krishna is being deprived of that taste, that “rasa”, that particular type of enjoyment. So as devotees, we want Krishna to enjoy the full feast, smell the full bouquet, the perfect garland, so we are so eager that each person rediscovers their original identity and give Krishna that missing taste. Of course, Krishna is Atmarama, self-satisfied, still we are trying to please Him.

Your servant,

Mahabhagavat Das


Tirtharaja Dasa, Sep 12 2011

Hare Krishna Prabhu

Yes everything is spiritual and very aptly described by none other than Lord Brahma himself.

“I worship Govinda, the Primeval Lord, the First Progenitor Who is tending the cows, yielding all desires, in Abodes built with spiritual gems, surrounded by millions of Purpose-trees, always served with great reverence and affection by hundreds of thousands of Laksmis or Gopis.

I worship that transcendental seat, known as Sveta-dvipa where as loving consorts the Laksmis in their unalloyed spiritual essence practice the amorous service of the Supreme Lord Krsna as their only Lover; where every tree is a transcendental purpose-tree; where the soil is the purpose-gem, water is nectar, every word is a song; every gait is a dance, the flute is the favourite attendant, effulgence is full of transcendental bliss and the supreme spiritual entities are all enjoyable and tasty, where numberless milch-cows always emit transcendental oceans of milk; where there is eternal existence of transcendental time, who is ever present and without past or future and hence is not subject to the quality of passing away even for the duration of half a moment. That realm is known as Goloka only to a very few self-realized souls in this world.”

Always think and meditate daily on these words of Lord Brahma as found in the Brahma-samhita.

Be blessed.

Your lowly servant,

Tirtharaja Dasa.


Author: Mahabhagavat Das SDA

I am a formally initiated disciple of His Grace Sriman Sankarshan Das Adhikari. My spiritual master was initiated by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in 1971. He is the author of the famous Ultimate Self Realization Course. Check it out at www.joincourse.com.

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